Computer Services

  • General Troubleshooting:

Something not working right? Don’t want to deal with Tech Support?

Our technicians can diagnose and repair nearly every issue on a computer, in a timely manner, and suggest one if not more cost effective options.

  • Reformatting:

By reformatting your computer, Mattcomp Computer Services can restore your computer’s speed and capabilities to its original specifications.

Reformatting consists of re-installing Windows, which removes any viruses, spyware, and a variety of other problems that may be affecting your computer.

  • Spyware/Virus Removal:

Most viruses can be removed through a combination of software.

Mattcomp Computer Services can provide you with the tools necessary to prevent and remove any spyware and viruses that your computer may have downloaded.

  • File Recovery:

Have you accidentally deleted a file?

Mattcomp Computer Services can help you to recover most files, even after they have been removed from the Windows recycling bin.

  • Wireless Networking:

Do you have a high-speed internet connection that you wish to share with multiple computers within your home?

Mattcomp Computer Services can provide you with the necessary hardware, plus install and secure the hardware on all of your computers.

If you are experiencing problems with unreliable signal or poor/no signal, Mattcomp Computer Services can also install signal boosters and wireless access points to rectify these issues.

  • Memory Upgrades:

Is your computer running sluggishly? The problem may be insufficient memory.

Mattcomp Computer Services can provide you with and install memory upgrades that are compatible with your computer’s hardware.

  • Hardware Upgrades:

Looking for a state-of-the-art graphics card or video editing hardware?

Mattcomp Computer Services can both recommend the hardware that will best suit your needs, along with installation and tutorials on how to use your new hardware.

We also carry a large inventory of used parts for those looking for a cost effective way to make necessary upgrades.

  • Custom Computers:

Do you want a reliable system with more power than the large computer companies can provide you?

Mattcomp Computer Services can create a custom system designed to suit your needs and affordable at a price that fits your budget.

  • Wired Networking:

Is your wireless network not fast enough? Mattcomp Computer Services can install an ethernet system with speeds up to 1 GB per second.

Installation involves running cable through the walls into each location in which a network jack is desired. Print servers and hybrid Wired/Wireless systems also can be created.